Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most powerful platform that we pick for your social media ads
Social Media Ads
  • We done ads for you weekly or month

  • We develop creative ads that produce real results by driving traffic, engagement, and conversions

  • Setting a budget for maximum effectiveness and affordability

  • Monitoring your paid social campaigns takes time

  • We’ll check up on your campaign metrics every week to make sure our strategy is working

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Engage with Customers Through Tools on Facebook

Social media today has become a powerhouse when it comes to businesses generating more brand awareness and gaining loyal customers


The average click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook
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Average Conversion Rate (CVR) for Facebook
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The average cost per click CPCs on Facebook
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Facebook marketing

Why Facebook?

1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook1.


Choose the right objective

To choose the right ad objective, answer the question “what’s the most important outcome I want from this ad?” It could be sales on your website, downloads of your app or increased brand awareness.


Choose your audience

Using what you know about the people you want to reach—like age, location and other details—choose the demographics, interests and behaviors that best represent your audience.


Target your ads

Next, choose where you want to run your ad—whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, or across them all. In this step, you can also choose to run ads on specific mobile devices.


Budget set up

Enter your daily or lifetime budget and the time period during which you want your ads to run. These limits mean that you’ll never spend more than you’re comfortable with.

Facebook Marketing

Pricing Table

Are You Looking For Facebook Ads, that convert: Reach more audiences and earn more sales For Boosting Your Business?


$ 67
  • 1 High Quality Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Image Ad
  • Script Writing
  • Fast delivery


$ 147
  • 3 High Quality Facebook Ads
  • HD Quality 30-45 Sec Video Ad
  • Script writing + Thumbnails + Voice Over
  • Fast Delivery
New Deal!


$ 97
  • 2 High Quality Facebook Ads
  • Graphic & Video Design
  • Script writing + Sources Files
  • Fast Delivery

Experience Matters

Sandy Löfgren
Sandy Löfgren@rebbengts
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Going live gives businesses an opportunity to get more personal with my audience and offer even more transparency. This helps my audience form a better connection with my business.
Lorin Eklund
Lorin Eklund@lorineklund
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Tools like Facebook Messenger allow my businesses to connect with their customers instantly.
Rebecka Bengts
Rebecka Bengts@rebbengts
Read More
It's not enough for businesses to make one good post on Facebook and then abandon their accounts. You want to bring awareness to your business, show customers that you are dedicated, and that you are a credible source.

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Connect Your Sales With Your Future Customers

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Facebook is the best solution to reach out future customer and fans

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